Right now, there is nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. There is no emotion that hasn’t already been felt. People of color have watched as their family members were exploited and murdered since this country was founded.

In the 1860’s we fought for freedom in the American Civil War. One hundred years later, in the 1960’s, we fought, protested and marched in the Civil Rights Movement. In less than 50 years, we are yet again screaming that our Black Lives Matter – because we have to. If you feel threatened because we are being murdered in the streets and are furious about it, check yourself. If you continuously turn a blind eye to our plight, check yourself. If you think it’s acceptable to appropriate our music, hair, skin, fashion and intellect for profit, check yourself. If you have the audacity to tell us that all lives matter as we watch our family member’s racially fueled execution, CHECK. YOUR. SELF.

Despite all of this, we know that there is still more good in this world than evil. We will not falter in our pursuit of justice until it is truly evident that all men are created equal.


Photo credit – Twitter user @TheAussieSide


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