Solo in Miami Pt. 3

What can I say? Miami was amazing, the beach was great and the weather made you question why you’d ever want to live anywhere else.

On my last day I rolled out of bed, ate breakfast in the hostel and walked the two blocks it took to get to the beach. I spent almost 6 hours tanning and swimming that day, and I would’ve stayed even longer if I had the time.

There’s something so humbling about being in the ocean; a body of water so vast and beautiful that will rock you gently back and forth near it’s shore just as quickly as it will turn violent and drown you. It’s a visual reminder of the fact that in this great big world of ours, we are barely even specks in comparison. But oh, what marvelous specks we are. Our cities grow bigger and brighter, and the cruise ships that I watched sail past the beaches can be as tall as twenty-story buildings. And still, a similarity between humans and our oceans is our capacity for great beauty and terrible destruction. As immortal as we like to believe we are, the earth is greater still. We destroy it, and it will destroy us. The irony in today’s society is that we try to enrich our lives by destroying the planet that sustains us. What matters is that there are certain specks in the world, just like you and I, who want to change things.

The rest of the day I wandered through South Beach around Lincoln Road Mall and saw the biggest H&M I’ve ever seen. I love H&M, the clothes look good and they’re cheap-ish. I’m in in college so by nature I too, am cheap-ish. The downside is that everyone else must be cheapish and fashionable too because everything that I wanted was sold out in my size! I’ll get over it, someday. Later I saw “Kingsman: The Secret Service” at this giant movie complex where I bought way too much movie theater junk food and it was glorious.

That next morning I left at 8 a.m., but I woke up early enough to go to the beach and watch the sunrise and say a prayer for safe travels. What was incredible about this moment were the people on the beach with me. There was a yoga class, homeless people who were just waking up, travelers who were on their way out like myself and people of all races. When the sun broke through the clouds everything seemed to stop. Everyone just stared out over the water at the horizon for a while, watching, waiting for whatever life brings next.

More photos from the trip

 The Hostel I stayed in.


  This Subway sign was golden.


  Watching the sunrise the morning that I left.


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