Solo in Miami Pt. 2

It’s the second day of Miami and I’m really enjoying the city! The first day, not so much.

I got here around 4 in the afternoon and checked into the hostel – this place is super cool by the way – but I go to my room and the first thing that hits me is the smell. You guys know it’s hot in Florida right? Like, you don’t make it through the day without three showers kind of hot. Anyway, my suitemates were already here and none of them knew how to turn on the air condition so the room smelled like humid Miami heat and the body funk of three men.
I was astounded. I barely said “hi” before making a beeline straight to the air conditioner to find out whether I needed to complain to someone or if it just needed to be turned on. Luckily, all I needed to do was press on. Maybe they thought the AC was decoration, who knows.
One of my suitemates is from France, the other is from Belgium and the third only makes appearances at 3 in the morning it seems so I’ve nicknamed him the party kid, so I can keep track of all of them.
After the glorious and magnificent Miami Beach, I set out to explore/find food. By this time it was a little late and I was feeling the travel fatigue so I honestly just wanted to eat and sleep.
One of the things that terrified me most about this trip is eating alone. Travel a thousand mile from home? Sure. Do I know anyone here? Nope, no problem. Ask me to eat alone and I’m like a kid about to do his first spelling bee. I have a huge phobia of eating alone in places. Last night I was already feeling kind of lonely and already called mom and close friends so I think the pressure got to me. I bought food at some café on the strip and then ate it in my car because it felt familiar and safe. Don’t ask, it just did.
Today was much better! I slept off all my anxiety and I was ready to get out and explore!

The Freehand Miami, formerly known as Indian Creek Hotel
The Freehand Miami, formerly known as Indian Creek Hotel

The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens:
I wish I was poetic enough to explain just how beautiful this mansion was, I’ve never seen something so grand and ornate. My visit was pretty much me walking around with my jaw dragging on the floor for two hours. The home was built for millionaire James Deering as a winter home in hopes that it would improve his health. Construction lasted from 1912-1922 with over 1000 workers and artisans coming together to create the elaborate house and gardens. The house is listed as a National Historic Landmark. Photography wasn’t allowed inside so if you’re ever in the area, Vizcaya is undeniably worth the visit.

View of the Vizcaya from the bay.
View of the Vizcaya from the bay.

unnamed (1)

One of the docking houses.
One of the docking houses.
The gardens.
The gardens.

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unnamed (6)

Everglades Safari Park
I also went on an air boat tour through the Everglades! It was pretty freaking cool, I don’t know how else to describe it. I’ve never seen the Everglades in person and being able to learn about the area and its wildlife in person was an incredible opportunity.
unnamed (8)
unnamed (9)
unnamed (10)
unnamed (11)
unnamed (12)
unnamed (13)

I spent the rest of the day on the beach, because duh.
unnamed (14)


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