Solo in Miami  Pt. 1

For my last “break” in school before I get kicked into the real world I decided to take a solo trip down to Miami Beach, Fl. You guys are probably wondering, “Isnt that kind of lonely?” “Aren’t you scared?” “Will Regina George take Aaron back?”  And you’d be right! Traveling over one thousand miles from home and everyone that I love makes me really anxious, but fortune favors the bold. The good thing is that this is going to be a really great experience for me, and the distance will only last a short while. It takes a certain mindset to venture out completely on your own, I’m looking forward to the personal growth during my trip. 

I’m staying at The Freehand Miami, it’s a hotel from the 1930’s Art Deco period that was renovated into a hostel for those of us who want to travel and experience the area with a local feel without breaking the bank. I’ll be staying in a coed dorm-style room with three strangers that could be from anywhere in the world. As crazy as it sounds, I can’t wait to meet these people! It’s my goal to get at least two people from different cities to follow me on Instagram. I want my souvenirs from this trip to be the new connections made with people who want to see the world just like I do. 

I’ll arrive tomorrow night and I’ll share my adventures with you guys as they happen! By the way, the hostel is only two blocks from the beach, be jealous. 



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